What's the real value of certification?

Gain insights from more than 195 global companies, including the BBC and Barclays, about the impact of certification on businesses today.

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Certification not only helps you attract new talent — it supports long-term employee retention to help your business succeed.

Your business is always evolving. From IT and business services to education and government, professionals understand that they must evolve their own skill sets if they are to keep pace and add value to their industry. By searching for certified staff and offering ongoing training and certification options, employers become more attractive to candidates who value continuous education and personal growth through work.

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“As a firm, we are pushing the value of certification more and selling the benefits of working at an industry level. This is of benefit to our clients and at an individual level for career development and progression”

HR Director, UK

Interesting stats

48% of companies report an increase in training in the past year.

Organizaions predict an increase in...

  • 84% Online training
  • 48% Certified employees
  • 35% External training