The Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC) has partnered with Pearson Credential Management (formerly Integral7) to bring you the ITCC TechCertRegistry. The ITCC TechCertRegistry provides IT professionals with the ability to manage their IT certifications with a single account using a Universal ID that is defined and recognized by the ITCC TechCertRegistry credential sponsors and testing providers. The ITCC TechCertRegistry makes it easy for IT professionals to aggregate their certifications from participating credential sponsors into a single secure report that can be shared with employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITCC?

What is the ITCC TechCertRegistry?

What is a credential sponsor?

What is Pearson Credential Management (formerly Integral7)?

How do I contact the ITCC TechCertRegistry?

What is the Universal ID?

How do I use the Universal ID?

What are the requirements for creating a Universal ID and password?

How do I access my TechCertRegistry account?

What are the TechCertRegistry services?

I am having difficulties using the ITCC TechCertRegistry.

Last updated 2014-10-18