South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


Effective August 26, 2019 score reports will be provided online and will no longer be mailed to you nor provided to you at the test site.
To access your score report, please log into your PCM account and click here for printable instructions.
Score reports are generally available within a few hours after a testing event is completed for the day.

Steps to enroll on the SC Nurse Aide Registry

The following are the steps in the process of enrollment onto the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry. Steps that require action by you are indicated by a  symbol.


Complete training program

Student must complete the state approved training program. Read the following documents.


Submit training program completion form & select provider

You will create a student account in PCM then submit a form to indicate your training program completion and select the training provider.

Your provider will approve the form.


Email received

You will receive an e-mail indicating you are eligible to schedule your exam(s) when the provider approves your form. This will include a link to login and schedule your exam(s).


Schedule your test

Use the link in your email to start this process. (Referenced in step 3, above.)

After your test

Information you may need after taking your test.

More information

Click on the sections below for more information.

Last updated 2019-08-15